Helping Veterans with PTSD
or Loss of mobility only at this time
All Gave Some - Some Gave All
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Training is an art and science to make each dog perform at his or her best ability. We take the time to do it right, with 35 plus years experience training all breeds and all ages, with all types of problems. We have taken the time to develop some of the most effective methods in training to date.

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Puppies Now Available
Please call to see what we have. Ask for Alex, Alex will be in charge of all puppy sales.
Please help us help them, These are the men and women that fought for our freedom with all they could. Lets help them, help me help them, we can do this together. We are giving them a fully trained service dog to help at a very low fee to each vet. Even just helping them just get out of bed in the morning, but there is so much more, the dog is unconditional love and support, these dogs will wake them up from a nightmare and even go get their med's out of the frig, on command, to even just turning on a light.

Good Shepherd is here to make the difference in your life and your families life, we are opening facilities all over the United State to help those who gave all of themselves for our freedom, we have  facilities in AZ, and soon near you. Please help if you can in anyway, we need trainers and training facilities and office space to work with these vets, if you think you can help, you probably can.  Go to the PTSD website for more information on how you can help.
PTSD Dog Foundation Inc.

Young adults and special training packages!

See some of our 7 and 12 month old young adults........

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pups on the ground that are ready for deposits! Don't miss out specials on pups and training!

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Training for all dogs of any age.

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More puppies pic's coming soon as they get old enough to take pics. We have the two litters to chose from, don't wait and lose out. Dog breeding is getting harder and harder to do with all the new dog laws, soon you will be lucky to even find one like these. We have spent a lot to even be able to breed and sale you these high quality of dogs...Importing dogs soon will be something of the past.... Sorry but Prices very and go up as they get older,,,the lowest we are going is $1,000.00 but the pic of the litters our going for more.

Male Black Pup at 6wks

Here are some pics of a new litter that is on the ground now and will be avail in two weeks, get your deposit in now, they are going quick.

Male Sable pup at 6wks

These pups are very nice, they are out of the Salztalblick bloodline, this bloodline received the Gold Metal last year..

Female Black pup at 6wks
Here is our pic black female, she is a very out going pup and is sure to be a great dog. Don't miss out, get your deposit in now! to guarantee you your new baby..
Female Sable pup at 6wks
Her is our pic Sable female, We have named her Devlin, she is one of our best pups of the year, she is also very out going like her sister, but this is my wife's pic of all the pups, but she loves her girls...

Hi everyone! We periodically update our site with new dogs and puppies! Our TOP BLOODLINE won the Gold Metal for high achievement SCH. III in 2012 and is one of the top producing bloodlines out of Germany! These are some of the best dogs we have worked with in over 30 years! The first pup I took to the Schutzund trials  won high in trial for the entire event! Everyone had to stop me to ask what bloodline we have and wants one...Please reserve yours now, they only go so far, I hate telling people SORRY you are going to have to wait tell next year, these our or last two litters until next year sometime, don't miss out, they are looking pretty nice...

Serving the dog community world wide for over 35 years.
Don't miss out on the best puppies we have ever seen!

Step into the future with the most effective training methods available to date!

Don't miss out on this years puppies, they are sure to be some of our best to date! Pups are available now out of our top german/czech bloodline!

Blacks and sables, males and females!

Call us to come see if we have any pups and trained adults! Our bloodlines are some of the best Imported Bloodlines we have seen and trained yet! We have German and Czech dogs going to top law enforcement agency, top security company's, executive level obedience, protection dogs and personal family dogs! Our clients are saying these are some of the best dogs they have ever owned! Don't miss out, pick up or pre-order an available pup in one of our current or upcoming litters!